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Spain: European Mission Fellowship
Ciudad Real (Luis Cano): ‘On 11th August we had three baptisms and the church building was packed! There were a lot of relatives, friends and contacts who were not Christians and we had opportunity to talk with them. Please pray that the gospel they heard may take root in their hearts. It was such a blessing and moving occasion. On 13th September we are having an evangelistic meeting to restart the women’s meetings where men are allowed to come. Please pray for the occasion and that many unconverted may come and listen to the gospel.’

Alacazar de San Juan (Pepe Moreno): ‘From 13th-15th September, Pepe is speaking at a teenagers camp in a place called Pinos Reales, northwest of Madrid. Pray for him and for those in attendance that the Lord may work among them. There are two ladies, Gloria and Angelines, coming regularly to the Sunday evening services. Pray that the Word may touch their hearts.’  

Palma (Andrew Birch): ‘We have our church anniversary weekend from 20th-22nd September, with Rafael Manzanares (pastor of an English-speaking church here on the island) as our guest speaker, the Lord permitting. We try to make these weekends as evangelistic as possible.’

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