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“At a prison in Staffordshire, a good number of men have been attending weekly Bible Studies for several years and are showing evidence of spiritual life and maturity. It is wonderful to see these men showing pastoral care for the other men on their wings and encouraging them to come along to the chapel. One man said he came along to the Bible studies thinking he was a Christian and realised from what he heard that he was not, but now he knows he is a Christian. We give thanks that the change in him is evident in his contributions to the Bible studies.

Over the last couple of months we have also heard from a number of prisoners how much they appreciate our Sunday services. Following one of these a prisoner said to us, “It’s so different when you guys take the service.” When asked what he meant he replied, “You talk as if you mean it. You speak with real passion.” These services continue to give us opportunities to give Bibles and New Testaments to prisoners and recently a Romanian prisoner asked if we could provide him with a Bible in his language. We were immediately able to find one and give it to him. He asked if he could keep it and his face lit up when we said yes. A week later as we walked round the wing, he called us to his cell door and showed us his opened Bible. Please pray that he will keep reading it and that despite his poor English he will be able come to the weekly Bible study.”

Please pray for all Gospel work in prisons and for believers currently in prison.

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