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Daylight Christian Prison Trust.

“Three prisoners recently came along to one of the weekly Bible studies for the first time. Having each committed similar crimes, they had become friends in prison and came to the Bible study because they were struggling with guilt and wanted to know what the Bible said about it. The study that week was in the Sermon on the Mount and mercy and forgiveness so they could not have come at a better time. One of the men seemed particularly affected by what he heard. Please pray that the Lord would speak to each of them and that they would continue to attend the Bible studies.

At one of the services at the end of last year there was a young man who had only just come into prison, was really struggling to adjust to prison life and was very distressed about his situation and being away from his family. It was a real joy to see him again at a service recently. He greeted us all with a huge smile and said he had been in such a bad place but that he had put his trust in God and God had brought him through it.

At a Bible study in another prison, a prisoner who has been attending on and off for the last couple of years recently said he had given his heart to the Lord and had thrown away all his drugs.

Please pray that these professions of faith would prove to be genuine, that prison staff and other prisoners would see the change in these men and that they would be helped to live for Christ in prison.”

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