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Burkina Faso

Ana Brakel gives thanks for safety on the roads in spite of problems with her car, for the week of training for Sunday School teachers that went well and for the long expected rains which have come to the country. She asks for prayer that the organisation of the different children’s and youth camps will go well, that the teaching will be clear and that the Lord will prepare the hearts of those attending. Pray also for her continued safety on the roads and for the security situation in Burkina Faso. Pray that she will be protected and not hindered in her ministry.

Ana also asks for prayer for the those youngsters known to her who will travel to Ghana and Ivory Coast to find summer work to pay for the next school year’s fees. Pray that they will be successful in finding work that does not compromise Biblical principles. Pray also for the new Pastor of the church in Legmoin that his ministry will be Christ exalting and blessed by the Lord and that he will be given wisdom in all his decisions.

Jeremy Nash asks for prayer for all the children who followed the Bible correspondence course during last year and that those who came to faith will continue to grow. Pray also that God will bring together all that is needed for an effective and unimpeded ministry in the schools, that permission will be granted or renewed from the school authorities and for the training for teachers to use the course effectively to bring children to faith.

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