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“One of our volunteer chaplains visiting prisoners on the wings has been regularly speaking to M. During one of their recent conversations, M said he would like someone to write to him, so we arranged for one of our volunteers to write a first letter to him. The next time our chaplain visited, as soon as he opened his cell door, M asked him to guess what his good news was and was absolutely thrilled to have received his first letter from our volunteer. He read out the letter, wrote back immediately and is eagerly anticipating the next letter where the volunteer has said they will explain how they became a Christian. Please pray that the letter writing will continue to be an encouragement and help to M and for all of the volunteers involved in this valuable ministry. Another of our chaplains recently met D, a young man serving a very short sentence. He was taken to church by his father and has many Christian relatives, but had shown no interest in the Gospel himself.  Since being in prison, he has started to attend Sunday services, accepted a Bible and says he will go to church with his father when he is released. Please pray that D will read the Bible he has been given and that the Lord will use what has happened to him to work in the hearts of the whole family. In HMP Wayland, three prisoners were recently baptised by full immersion in a portable baptistry, all giving good, clear testimonies. They were each given a copy of Stuart Olyott’s Welwyn commentary on Romans – The Gospel As It Really Is. Please pray that this will be a help to them and that they will grow in grace as they study God’s Word.”

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